August 03, 2015

What I ate today Vegan+Diet | Day 1 w/Lynne

Hello everyone, Today's post will be a lovely post that I have always wanted to try for so long! Today's post will be a collaboration with my lovely best friend Lynne.. check out her channel and her blog "everything will be listed down below", but for now lets start with this post that will be held for the whole week, as I'm going to do this challenge which is being Vegan for a week! I hope I would be able to post everyday what I eat etc. so here it goes,

BREAKFAST: I didn't have that breakfast, I just drank this dietatea that made me feel fresh!

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WALKING/RUNNING: 30min-1hour on the Treadmill XD

LUNCH: my lunch was just fried potato with Broccoli "which I didn't take any photos of" Cuz my mum got it from the grocery later! 

SNACK: strawberries "smiling face :D"

WORKING OUT: today im going to my dance class!

DINNER: strawberry yogurt!

Thank you all for checking out my 1 day of being vegan! 

Lynne links:
Snapchat: itslynnee
Instagram: @itslynnee

My links:
Snapchat: mylifeasshyma_x

Lots of love,

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