August 05, 2015

And the winner is ..... | Giveaway ♡

First, I would love to thank everyone that have joined my giveaway! Yesterday was the last day to enter my 1k Giveaway to win 5 random shops gift cards! I know it might sound a small giveaway to have 5 random shops gift cards! But I thought that I would start it with a small giveaway just to celebrate 1k on Twitter. I promise you that when I reach 3k I would definitly have a huge giveaway! But for the exciting part, do you really want to know who won..... Okay then the winner is
I hope no one is upset, I promise you I have more to give! But for now Sophia you are the Winner! So just dm me on Twitter whenever you recive my email! 
In 48 hours if you didn't reply, then sorry I will have to choice someone else! So hurry up ♡♡♡♡♡

Lots of love,

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