August 04, 2015

What I ate today Vegan+Diet | Day 2 w/Lynne

Today is my second day of this challenge that I'm doing with my best friend Lynne *check out her channel and blog* which is Being Vegan for a whole week! If you havent checked my first day of being Vegan, don't forget to check it out now! And as the second day goes by lets get started with what I ate today...

BREAKFAST: oatmeal with some strawberries

LUNCH: brown rice with some of my grandmum's sauce that I made sure that is vegan!

SNACK: Apple 🍎

WORKING OUT: going for 1 hour walk with my mum and sister! 

DINNER: green salad "Broccoli+lettuce+scallion" 

Anyways, thanks for reading this post so far and I hope u could check out Lynne's and my links down below! I hope u enjoyed and goodbye! "Kisses"

Lynne links:
Snapchat: itslynnee
Instagram: @itslynnee

My links:
Snapchat: mylifeasshyma_x

Lots of love,

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