July 24, 2015

Best friend w/ Natasha | TAG ♡

Hello everyone, As you could read by the tittle, I'm having a collab post with my best friend Natasha! So if you would like to read what she wrote in her blog, check it out over here! "http://dealingwithdifferentsituations.blogspot.com/" Anyways let's start with this lovely post!

1) how and when did you met?
We met on Facebook, and it was one of "my usually" boring days, so I just went on Facebook to meet new people and I met this girl that is amazing, And we instantly became best friends!

2) what's your favourite memory together?
To be honest, I don't have a favourite memory Cuz every single moment I'm talking to her is a favourite memory together! ♡♡

3) describe her in one word?
Perfect! ♡

4) what's one thing you hate about the other person?
She is perfect, I don't hate anything about her! ♡

5) if you could go anywhere together, we're would it be and why?
Their isn't a specific place where I would love to travel to together, she must choice where we should go in our 1st trip together! ♡

6) who takes longer to get ready in the morning? 
She doesn't put any makeup, so you got the answer right? Haha

7) What is your/both favorite food?
We both love Indian food! 

8) what is your best friend’s biggest fear?
Loosing the ones she loves, and swimming!

9) what is one thing your best friend does not know about you?
That I love her more than what she thinks I do!

10) If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?
Never been out together so I don't really know lol! But I'm intersted to know! 

11) What do you most admire about your best friend?
How caring and kind-hearted she is to everyone! 

12) What is the last book your best friend read?
Haha Natasha, do you even read books? Jk! 

13) What is your best friend really bad at?
Literally Nothing! 

14) Is your best friend afraid of the dark?
I don't think so, she is a strong girl! I believe! 

15) has your best friend ever been outside the country?
I don't think so! I wish I could buy her tickets to visit me! But I think she has a lot of more important things to finnish first! 

16) is your best friend a spendthrift, or do they like to save their money?
I think she likes to save her money! We are totally opposite! "Opposites attracts" haha! 

17) Is your best friend allergic to anything? 
Yes, I guess! She told me that she is allergic to chocolates! Which I find pretty insane! Cuz I can't live without chocolates! But yea! 

18) what's the other person's eye color?
Haha like this is the most silliest question! I look into her eyes everyday "in photos"  atleast 1 million times " well that's a lot haha" but they r Blue! & "I'm addicted to them" 

19) is she a heels or a flat person?
OMG definitly a flat person *_*

20) last but not least, from 1-10 how much do you love your best friend? 
Can I say 11? :*

So here my best friend tag goes. I hope you enjoyed reading it and knowing some little things about my long distance best friend! If you think I need to make more collabs with her or anyone else, just let me know by commenting down below! 

Lots of love,
   Shaima  ♡


  1. Your answers are adorable! You made me cry of happiness when I read it! I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend Shaima! You are the best friend I could ever ask for! This blog is amazingly written! Keep up the great work! ❤

    1. Aww nothing is adorable as u r sweetie! Im the lucky one to have an amazing best friend as u r!

  2. I would love to do a collab with you! We could ask people questions on twitter share them equally and answer them, like a mini Q&A. Would you be interested? Charlotte xx