July 05, 2015

Morning routine *Summer Edition*

Hello everyone, this is the first time were I write about my routine. I hope you would enjoy it, even if u didn't, just pretend that u did, okay deal?! XP

This will be my morning routine and what I really like to do when I wake up but don't forget that this is a summer edition *it might be only things I do in my summer vacation*

My morning starts at 10 Am at weekends and vacations, so don't get shocked okay! *shamed* but I still do put my alarm at 9:40!

10:00 I wake up even though I would like to sleep more! Mum shouts "Wake up, why are you so lazy" haha I love it XP

10:10 I order my breakfast whilst in bed watching some YouTube and checking social media.

10:45 I will be fully awake and go to my bathroom "wash my face and brush my teeth" *mint fresh smell teeth comes first*

10:55 my food will be ready and I will see my whole family on the table waiting for me "the late princess"!

11:10 my breakfast will be done. I will have to go and put some ideas on my daily planner or read new blogs or watch Youtubers just not to feel bored as I usually do!

11:30 I check and reply to all my e-mails and messages over all my social media.

12:00 I guess there were my morning ends and my afternoon starts....

Thanks everyone for reading this post, If you reached until this point just comment haww, lets make this a bit funny! 

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  1. Haww!
    Your morning is so well-organised! Mines usually consists of my checking out social media and watching YouTube videos until I realize that I'm late haha x