February 13, 2016

How to | get fit ♡

Hello my lovely and mysterious ladies

Welcome back to my blog & if you are new then Welcome! So for today's blog post I will be letting you know how to get fit,stay fit and how to loose weight! 
I've been always struggling on how to get fit and how to maintain going on my life with this "healthy" routine! So I just wanted to share with you guys about the things that I do and I enjoy doing! Just a quick disclaimer that I'm not a professional diet "person" it's just something that works for me and hope that it could help some of you! So Let's get started.

1) Working out

Look, let's start being realistic right now! You won't lose weight if you just stayed at home 24/7 not doing anything or not even walking! And I'm not asking you to go and hike over mountain Everest! You just can for example walk around your house, or clean your kitchen or bedroom or you could go swimming with your friends. But never stay in bed for the whole month and just wonder why you aren't loosing weight!

2) Sleeping enough

 it's one of the major problem of people not understanding the concept of it! You don't have to sleep the whole day "as some people do" you just have to sleep 6-8 hours in a day "which must be at night of course" but sleeping for 3-5 hours in a day time won't let you loose weight " and I actually experienced that to be honest " so just relax and sleep at night that's it! "How easy is that?!

3) Eat better

OMG that's the worst thing ever! Chocolates have always been my best friends, and they will always be! But I think there must be quite a bit of a distance of how much sugar you put in your body! Which is definitely bad, but in the other hand you can't just stop eating sugar because your body does need sugar! And same for starch which is corn,rice,bread etc. Just balance your food and that's going to be awesome!

4) Drink more 

I don't mean "drinking" that drinking, but I mean water! Water is the most important thing in this whole situation of how to get fit and stay fit! Just drink 5-8 litters a day! "I know it's boring at first, but when you see the difference just by drinking water then you will drink it for the whole day, I guarantee you!

5) And last but not least

I just want to say that you look beautiful no matter what your body image says! And those were just tips to maintain healthier you! Not to change who you are! 

I hope you enjoyed and have learned some of those easy/random tips that might help you.

Lots of love,
  TME ♡

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