February 27, 2016

February Favorites 2016


February is about to end, which only means 1 thing FEBRUARY FAVOURITES!!!
So this month I have decided to collect all my favorites in 1 post and show it to you guys.. A bit of everything is fun to talk about! right? so yea without further or do lets get started!.. 
So here are 8 of my favourite things from this month!

1) First I would love to talk about this amazing councillor which I wrote a review about in last week's post. So if you haven't checked it out then you have missed it! well lets be honest you can still check it out XP 

2) Just lets stop for a minute and look at this amazing high heels/boot! I think I have bought it last year from Call it Spring! OMG this shoes are just the best XD I have wore it once in Dubai, but I think I would love to wear it for more events now on! "if the pic is not clear you can check it out in the first picture up, its more clear there"!

3) If you haven't tried the Real Techniques brushes, then I think you haven't felt the glamorous & flawless look that this brush gives you! I haven't purchased those brushes long way ago, maybe a 2 months ago and I can tell you that they are the best brushes you will ever use to blend/brush your makeup with! If you would like me to make a whole review about it and what brushes are used for what products then just let me know "if you are interested of-course"

4) I know this might not be clear but its just a sleeveless coat that I bought a month ago from Quiz just to wear in Spain "school trip"! 

5) I bought those shoes from Max, and they are my most worn boots for this month! Thought I had bought them for Spain "school trip" but turned out I wore them for every night Im out with my #squad XD

6) To be honest I've tried this product 3 times and I loved it XD its the No7 Lift and Luminate eye cream that I used to put before going to bed just to give my eyes the time to absorb this product and to look awake in the morning when Im headed to school.

7) Now I'm speechless XO This eyeshadow palette is amazing and I truly mean it.. This is the Nude Eyeshadow from H&M. Never thought that H&M were good at makeup as much as they were good in clothes,shoes,bags etc. But thank you H&M for proving it to me XD 

8) The GlamGlow mask is the best mask I've ever used so far. It made my face look so bright and glow XD I used to put it on when Im having that kind of stressful & full of working day. By the way this isn't the full product thing, it's just the sample XD

9) Last but not least this t-shirt that I've worn once or twice this month and was able to be in my monthly favorites post XD but let me tell you that it looked so cute with a short leather skirt and my leather high heels/boot XD Yummy jk :*

P.s this post wasn't sponsored by any of the listed companies/shops above so yea just to let you know that I would always say my true opinion about the products. And if any "future" sponsored products that will be mentioned in any of my posts then this mark (*) shall let you know that it is a sponsored product or post XD

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post XD Question of the post is, what are some of your favourite things for this month? let us know #curiosity XP

Lots of love,


  1. Loving your haul, especially the boots :)


  2. Love glam glow mask. Fab post thank for leaving your link loved reading your blog k x

  3. So totally love and want your boots!

    Lots of <3 The Melbourne Whirl