February 06, 2016

DIY face mask / brighting up your face & reduce acne scars


Today I just want to show you guys what type of face masks I use! I have a lot of face masks that are going to be published in this blog but first let me show you the one that I have recently done just to bright and shine my face up! It might look gross but what do you really want with how it looks, what you really want is how would you look after it!


1) Cooked Rice *let it cool down before using it*
2) Black bean
3) Rose water

* Leave it for at least an hour before washing it with warm water.

P.S you could use it to reduce acne scarring! It helped me a lot! it might help you too! Just give it a try and I promise yo, you wont regret it! but you need to put in your mind that I'm not a dermatologist its only something that worked for me and might work for you too!

lots of love,

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