February 25, 2017

10 Things I do before bed ft. Adore Me

Hey ladies, apologies for not posting regularly for almost 2 months now, but I've been busy lately with school work and things to deal with. I’ve been meaning to get around blogging for so long now, but it actually feels amazing to be back. Anyways in this post I'm actually teaming up with Adore Me to let you know 10 Things I do and you can do before going to bed aka sleep.
So First, do you have a bedtime routine? If you know me you'd definitely know that I'm a bit of a night owl and you'd actually know how much I love my night time routine especially during week days were I have to be awake at 5 am (that sounds boring) but that's what I actually enjoy the most, waking up so early before anyone else.
I do believe having a routine is important and These are 10 things to do before bed....  
  1. Set an Alarm - First thing I do once I'm in bed is set my alarm on "4 am in weekdays and 7-8 am in weekends". Also try setting an alarm for one hour before you’d like to be settled in bed. This signals actually helps me to realise that it's time to step out of my day, turn off my phone and laptop and start winding down.
  2. Know your to-do list for the following day - I always like to take at least 10-20 minutes to sit down and write my to-do list for the next day. This is just to help you prioritise tomorrow in the most effective way possible.
  3. Have a bedtime drink/snack - I never go to bed with an empty stomach. I always have to have a snack next to my bed to eat when I'm hungry in bed. And water is actually something that I can't go to sleep without, but that doesn't mean to over hydrate yourself.
  4. Put on a face mask- I do like to put on a face mask while I'm in bed,checking my i-Phone and just relaxing. 
  5. Have some quiet time. Right before I go to bed,  I like to make time to thank God for all my blessings and just reflect on my day overall. And wonder what I can do to make my next day a better and more productive day. 
  6. Netflix game - I have been watching Netflix for the past 2 months and that actually makes me relax and forget about my long,tiring,gloomy day.
  7. Online shopping "not actually buying" -  So online shopping is the trend right now and I actually know that everyone now a days prefer shopping online rather than spending time to go to the mall/shopping centers to buy something. Adore me have got a lot of cool sleepwear pieces that I've been in love with. You can actually check them out here sleepwear and also they do have a lot of sportswear/activewear that got me motivated to workout more workout clothes  
  8. Optimise your sleep space - You might not believe this but I do spend 1 minute spraying perfume all over my pillows and sheets and everything before diving into my bed. Good smell actually makes me feel comfortable while sleeping.
  9. Read -  I've been more into reading lately to stay away from watching tv late at night. And lately reading has been a part of my studying routine.
  10. Music - Listen to some soft music and just write down whatever is on your heart. Quieting your heart and mind before you go to bed will make a huge difference in the way you sleep. You cannot sleep properly when you are anxious and worried.

Just wanted to say that those aren't in any chronological order, those are just things I do before heading to bed and while I'm in bed setting out of my day. So I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if I missed anything, then let me know that :D

Lots of love,

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