January 30, 2016

January Favourite | Beauty 2016

Hello my lovely & mysterious ladies

This is my first ever favourite post I've ever done in my blog and Im so excited to be doing it! So less talking, more showing...

So first we have this amazing Hollywood Red 540 lipstick from Maybelline

Then comes this perfect Fit me concealer from Maybelline

Next this corrector from Makeup Forever, this is the perfect makeup corrector I have ever used! if you want a whole review about it just let me know in the comments! 

This eyeshadow was gifted by my squad for my b-day, has all the colours that suits this season 

This is an old lip gloss that I bought from maybelline and I used to put over any lipstick I had order on my lips! I don't know if its still there but if you can find it then let me know! 

This is the "famous" beauty blender from Sephora 

This was gifted by my squad too on my b-day! I am that kind of girl that likes the "over" eyelashes, and that made my dream come true! best mascara so far from Rimmel London 

And last but not least, the Stay Matte foundations from Rimmel London. Best foundation so far, everyone need to try it! Full coverage. "

So I hope you liked this post and if you did then let me know by commenting down! 

Lots of love,
TME x 

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