August 29, 2015

Last day of summer vacation :(

Good morning,evening or afternoon everybody.

So my 2015 summer vacation has came to an end and I feel so sad about it! I wish it had been longer! Anyways tomorrow is my first day at school after 2 months vacation, and I'm actually not excited about it at all but you know, education comes first and I have to go to school! I'm in the 11th grade, so I still have one more year to go and then I'm finally out of school and into the real world, which is scary to be honest! This summer vacation has been great and lovely! I have seen my whole family which was the most important thing to me and I love every moment I spent it with them! And talking to my best friend was an amazing thing that made my vacation more enjoyable! Anyways I hope the time will pass by as fast as possible "fingers crossed". 
If you have any tips that includes school or even "specific" high school, then don't forget to leave it down below! It might be helpful to me and many others! 

Lots of love,

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