July 14, 2015

Welcome to the NewLifestyle blog.

To the new people out here,

First I just would love to say welcome to all of you to my Newlifestyle blog, where I talk about makeup.fashion and lifestyle in general. I'm Shaima, a 15 years old girl that started her blog as something to do when she is bored and just not to feel lonely *as that time she didn't have many friends*, But it isn't the reason now, because she got into this thing called blogging and she doesn't know what would she do without it. She also wanted to share her passion towards beauty and fashion with people like her*who have this passion and is like-minded*. And last but not least she just wanted to say that she loves all of you so much and she hopes everyone is having a great day. Just stay smiling, that's the reason behind success. I hope you have fun here in my little space.... Enjoy xx



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