July 12, 2015

20 Things to do when you are bored and home alone

So I've been bored and home alone for quite a lot of times this summer vacation and I've been always wondering what I should do next!
So here are 20 things to do when you are bored and home alone! So yea lets start right now before the sun rise Jk! 

1) makeup and get dressed up like you're going out somewhere *but actually you aren't* 
2) Sing really loud. "No one can hear you,oh maybe your neighbors can" 
3) watch some YouTube videos
4) prank call people "actually your friends will be much more fun"
5) Pretend like there’s a monster in your house and your trying to escape from!
6) Take a really long bath with some lovely,good smelling lush bath bombs 
7) have a long nap!
8) Shop online "best one so far"
9) Try and do everything really quiet, like a ninja
10) Write your autobiography
11) watch your favorite series/shows on the TV
12) cook a romantic meal for yourself! 
13) read a book.
14) talk to your pet in hope that they will reply back
15) Do crafts work/DIY's
16) Give your bed room a mini makeover 
17) you can have a pillow fight with your imaginary friend!
18) stare out the window and rate passengers outfit!
19) Write a letter to someone you miss or you could even write it to yourself! 
20) last but not least you could read some of my posts over here and share your feedback! 

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, and if you have any more things that I/we should do while we are home alone, just don't forget to mention it down below!



  1. I've been bored and home alone most of this summer to!Singing out loud with your windows wide open sounds like a great idea. Charlotte xx http://charlottecallenderxo.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

  2. Hahah yea that's a great idea! and I've been home alone the whole summer vacation probably lol!