May 16, 2015

Get to know me TAG!

Hello Friends 

So today I would be answering some of the most asked questions about me! so here it goes:

1) My name and nickname? Shaima is my real name but I love people spelling it like Shyma and my nickname is $ho$ho <3
2) When is my Birthday? the 11th of October.
3) Occupation? I'm still a student :/ Unlucky
4) Hair color? Brown :D
5) Eyes color? Hazel ^_^
6) Right or left handed? Right all the way XP
7) Favorite subject at school? Biology is my life :*
8) Favorite color? Sky Blue :)
9) Do you have siblings? Yes :$
10) Favorite shops? H&M-Sephora-New look-Aldo-Nike-forever 21 <3
11) Favorite movie? Home Alone 1 & The Grinch who stole Christmas <3
12) Are you an Android or an i-Phone user? i-Phone all the way :D
13) Have you ever been to any other countries? Of-course Yah! I have been to Egypt -Canada-Malaysia and last but not least Turkey!!

so that's the end of the get to know me tag! And if you have any other questions you would like to know about me don't forget to ask me! I will be willing to answer them back as soon as possible my lovely butterflies <3

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