August 11, 2016

🌸 Blogs I'm Loving Lately 🌸

I have seen quite a few people do this and I really wanted to share with you my lovely ladies some of my favourite blogs of the past month "that I've actually been keeping up with and loving". And I think it is super important to show support and love in the community that we are in, and that's the lovely and amazing blogging community. After all we are in this together,right? Anyways let's start;

Definitely comes first, She has the most sweet and lovely heart that anyone could have. A fact about me is that whenever I don't feel motivated to blog I definitely get all the positive and productive vibes from her, and I'm actually #jealous of how motivated and productive she is all over social media and her own, amazing blog that you all should check out.

There isn't any word that could actually describes this girl's creativity and support. If I had one friend that I could share my interests with, that would definitely be her, with no doubt! I just discovered her blog and I'm actually jealous of how lovely it looks like and I actually can't feel bored whenever I am on it. So keep doing what you're doing girll.

Well I have never spoken to this girl to be honest, but just by looking at her blog I could grantee you that she has a bubbly and lovely heart "all from that baby pink theme going around her blog".

^Touch Of Gucci^

I wish there were more of your kind in this world. If there is, then I grantee you that we are going to live in a peaceful world forever. But unfortunately we don't and you are the only one of your own, lovely & sweet kind.


When you're talking about cuteness and creativity, then you're actually talking about this girl. The fashion sense she has got is amazing. Whenever I look for inspiration, I immediately check out her blog.

And last but not least, this girl got a lovely blog that I would like you to check it out! The way of her explaining things is perfection. 

So yea! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed mentioning some of my favourite bloggers/blogs lately. Comment down below if you have a blog and would like me to check it out, because I actually enjoy commenting and supporting other same minded people aka bloggers.

Lots of love,


  1. I am over here blushing! Thanks so much for featuring my blog ,and helping me discover these other awesome ladies. Everything you said means a lot to me especially since I've been struggling with my feelings about my blog. So glad I can call you a friend even if your all the way across the pond! *Virtual Hugs*

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for including me in your list! Also loved discovering other bloggers! x