December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve | Hello January ♡ "2016"

So 2015 has ended and there was a lot of ups and downs in this year that made us smile and cry! But I hope this year "2016" will be a great year to everyone who's reading this! I just want to wish everyone a happy new year and Hello January.

so You might wonder "and I might too" what have I achieved this year? lets summarise it together?

  • uploaded more posts than 2014 "check"
  • travelled to a different country "check"
  • passed my SAT exam "check"
  • started going to the gym "check"
  • made my first youtube channel "check"
  • made my first ever giveaway "check"
  • made 3 new friends "actually best friends" online "check"
  • started writing my own book "check"
  • achieved what Ive always said impossible and thats all what I have mentioned above! "check"

So yea, it was a great year for me and hopefully this year will be great for me and for you!

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