December 18, 2015

Back to blogging


I know that I haven't been posting lately and that I have been "maybe" the worst blogger lately but you know what, school work have been going a lot lately, *Junior problems* but still I will be posting a lot of blog posts in this year "2016". And I am thinking about totally changing my blog "what I meant by that like the way it looks, the content etc. nothing to serious"

Anyways I will be posting a lot of fashion and beauty posts in my blog this year but what Im going to consider are products that everyone could buy! I know not everyone could buy Marc Jacob or Dior etc. makeup products "not talking about my self" but I still want to help as much people as I can! so yea I will be including products which I like and is affordable for everyone to get!

p.s I just noticed that Ive been blogging for almost 1 year and 2 months, and hopefully I will continue blogging even if I became a grandma XP well isn't that fun? your grandchildren get to see what your life was as a teen XD

lots of love,
  Shyma x

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