August 15, 2016

🌸 10 Things That Make Me Happy collab/ Life in Florals 🌸

Hey guys, how are you all? Well today I have a new post and this post is actually a collaboration with the stunning Paris aka Life in Florals. So we've actually decided that on my blog I'm going to talk about 10 Things that actually makes me happy. And on her blog, she is going to tell you about 10 things that actually drive her up the wall, so don't forget to check her out HERE and without farther or due let's get started.


If I wake up a day without coffee then you could tell 100% by my attitude that I'm not in the mood of doing anything & everything. So before dealing with me you should definitely get me some coffee.


Those people have been through my ups and downs, and have been supporting me with every decision I took. They are the biggest part of my life that I care about and love "besides my family".


If you ever ask me, what's on your next birthday wishlist I would definitely say chocolates. I've always been addicted to chocolates and I did notice that I've gained weight since my summer vacation has started! Wondering why?


Take away my heart,my soul and everything but please don't take my shoes. Marilyn Manroe have once said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" and I 100% can relate to it.


One thing that I could spend days and days online doing is meeting new people and having new friends all over the world. It's such a fun thing to do and if you'd like to be friends with me, then don't forget to hit me on twitter "winks"


Listening to music everyday actually makes me feel better about my day and actually it's my best friend that feels the same way I do.


Being productive is something that I can relate to waking up early, so if you'd like to have things done in a day then wake up early and you'd definitely feel how amazing are the mornings aka best time of the day.


I can describe this place in one word, HEAVEN. I've spent more time in this place than my school. Maybe not! But yeah! If you'd ever ask me about the first perfect date spot, I'd definitely say the mall. Maybe not!


Something that I'm actually planning on doing more once I'm older is definitely to travel all around the world and visit places that I have always wanted to visit ex. Australia,UK,Greece,Turkey &more.


I have been myself lately and that actually made me the happiest person ever. Just knowing that people except you more when you're yourself just made me be who I truly am without having the fear of people judging me! So a tip for you is just to be who you are cuz thats awesome, and you're actually awesome.

That's the end of today's post and I would love it if you commented down below telling me what are the 3 things that actually make you feel happy? and 3 things that annoys you the most?
Until next time, Bye xx

Lots of love,

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  1. Lovely post! And number 10 made me smile, it's so good to be yourself!

    Paris x