June 18, 2016

🌸 A dollar Campaign 🌸

     {Hello my lovely and mysterious ladies}

So today is such a different type of post "I don't regularly have posts like this" But instead of always thinking about life in a fashionable way or talking about the latest makeup "trend" that you should buy, Why can't we be apart of A dollar Campaign that was first created by two high school students "which aren't now" to help and support paediatric cancer research.

Just a small background about the founders of A Dollar Campaign 

Seri and Arielle, two girls that met as freshman in high school and quickly discovered that they share the same passion of helping kids with cancer. They wanted to see more progress in the world of pediatric cancer. They wanted to act. They turned their ideas into goals, and goals into reality.

They had the idea of creating a charity that only asked for $1 from donors. Imagine how much progress they could make if every person in the world donated one single dollar. They also wanted to show how even small contribution can make a difference. Lastly, they wanted to create a kid friendly charity. They wanted to create a place that allows kids to get involved and make a difference.

If you want to be a part of this charity and participate in helping with JUST A DOLLAR! Then you should check them out HERE

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