December 18, 2015

New Years resolutions "2016" | ♡

So todays post will be just a post that Ive always wanted to make and thats my new years resolution which never works, but hopefully this time it will work with your help my lovely peeps! so lets get started and let me tell you what is "hopefully" happening this year!

  • I would love to reach 10000 views on my blog! which is close to happen"
  • I would love to have atleast 3 huge giveaways! 
  • I would love to travel this winter or summer vacation to a country that I have never been to!
  • I would love to meet a lot of same minded people and be friends with!
  • Get in shape! I know everyone is having the same resolution in getting in shape but I have the full motivation to start working out!
  • become more active
  • start saving money
  • start being more responsible
  • start being more creative
  • face my fears and insecurities
  • Finnish writing my book
  • stop hating myself
  • go to more events
  • go to the movies theater or cinema more
  • stop worrying about what people think of me
  • get a full makeover
  • start dreaming bigger
  • read more youtubers books

so yea thats what I am planing on achieving this year, so lets put our hands together and make this a reality instead of just a dream that will be washed away in 2017! 

                NEVER SAY NEVER!

   Shyma x

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