June 03, 2015

*Studying Tips And Ideas*

What are some tips that you need to take into consideration whilst studying. 
So today I would be giving you some tips and ideas to improve your skills of studying. 

Things you must do when you are studying for exam or an important test!

1) Have all your supplies in front off you. That will reduce the time you are going to look for your things later while you are studying.

2) Find a quiet and perfect relaxing place. It could be your room, living room, Starbucks or a library,

3) Start studying the most important or new information first. 

4) Listen to calm music whilst studying. It will reduce your anxiety and stress levels..

5) Take breaks frequently, after 30-60 minute studying take a break for about 25-30 minute break and just relax.

6) Test yourself before the real test, or make one of your family member or friend give you the test instead.

7) Don't study later than the time you usually go to sleep.

8) Have at least 7-9 hours a sleep before the test.

The things you might want to have while studying.

1) Colorful flash cards.

2) Bright, neon and lovely highlighters and pens.

3) Wear comfy clothes. It could be your Micky Mouse comfy pj's. 

4) Use a timer, just to know when you started and when you should take your break time.

5) You might want to be hydrated, so don't forget to get a bottle and full it with water, so you could drink it whenever you feel thirsty.

6) Have a bar of chocolate or a fruit if you want to be healthy ex.apple or banana, as your snack.

Don't forget to share it if you found it helpful and might help others... and please comment what posts ideas do I have to do next!

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