November 23, 2014

14 Tips to start High School successfully!

1) Make friends before school starts!
2) Don`t be shy to make new friends!
3) If you are knew to the school get to know the school map
4) Find 1 friend in each class (mostly your grade)
5) Join different social groups!
6) Don't act jerk to your teachers (respect comes 1st)
7) Make a study plan (for great grades)
8) Do your homework regularly
9) Participate in class
10) Get organized with your school-work
11) Avoid drama :!
12) Join a club which you most feel into it to meet people with the same interests :D
13) To change your regular routine try different sports with friends you have just made in your new school!
Last But Not Least,
14) Hang out with smart,fun and lovely people :*

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