November 12, 2016


I did promise myself in the beginning of 2016 that I would stop body shamming .... MYSELF! But as months passed by I started realising that I'm back to hating my own body! I do always tell myself that,"This is your own body and no one like I mean NO one got the right to define you and your own body! Now a question to everyone reading this post, What's your ideal body type? Curvy? Slim? Tall? Short? Skinny? etc! Well all those are just labels that doesn't define someone! I might be curvy and HATE it but someone else could find it a body type that they would like to have or even be born with. 

Growing up , I was totally comparing myself to other "models, actresses, social-media influencers & singers" and that actually made me unconfident with what I truly have and made me think why am I not that perfect? even though people say "No one is perfect!" But I still thought that they were perfect. I told myself I needed to change just to fit our society beauty standards.

Who cares if my hair went frizzy or my makeup smudges in public? I don't, then why should anyone care? I need to focus more on my future and not what I look like! I need to stop letting what I look like decide my life choices and what I can do and what I can't. I should start telling myself that I can do anything I want to do and my appearance should not be a problem. So let's all spread body love and stop body shamming ourselves, cuz we are all beautiful in our own way. 

P.s You, yes You! You are beautiful in your own,unique way and never let anyone say the opposite <3 

Lots of love,


  1. You should feel comfortable in your own skin and never ever feel like you are a freak because you may have a different body type. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Don't you ever forget that ��

  2. You are beautifullllll & there's no questioning it. The 'ideal' body type doesn't exist, we're all made perfectly &I are exactly the way that we're meant to be. I think that, especially since we've been growing up with it, social media &a media in general shows us pictures of women who have 'the perfect body' & that's it, we tend to believe that as that's just something we've always done and never questioned. Only now that we're growing older we're realising that all that was WRONG - media manipulates people, especially young people & plants seeds in their minds which makes us believe something that isn't always 100% true. Love your body girllll, you're absolutely stunning & there's absolutely no reason to feel otherwise. Ps, those 'perfect' body types are al photoshopped anyway, so even if we wanted them, it would be prettyyyyy hard to! Lots of love xxxxxx

  3. You're spot on! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. The labels people came up with to try and create a beauty standard are absolutely ridiculous because there is no standard. How can someone try to tell you what you should look like? You are who you are and you aren't photoshopped to death which all ready makes you a 10/10! :D

    Single Vegas Girl

  4. i loved the post. life is too short to worry about fitting into a certain pair of jeans.
    we all should love the way we look and appreciate ourselves no matter what.
    keep up the good work XX