May 11, 2016

Why do I love : My favorite YouTuber? 🌸

{Hello my lovely and mysterious ladies}

I have been thinking a lot lately about "Who's my favourite Youtuber"? 
And after thinking for a while I realised that my favorite YouTuber is Tanya Burr 

You might ask me why her? And my answer will be as simple as this, because whenever I see her I see myself "not physically but the way of her expressing life and wanting to reach goals" 
Her cosmetics and books are just fabulous. Wish I could have them all but unfortunately I don't "sad emoji"

I love how creative she is and inspiring she is to people "specially young girls" and that's what made me say that she is my favorite YouTuber! And I can actually say that I love her! Damn she is hot as a hot chocolate XD isn't she?

And last but not least I just want to say God bless her and her smile XD hopefully one day she would be able to come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and I would have the chance to meet her personally and have a 1 min chit chat with her "laughs"

Question of the post, Who's your favorite YouTuber? I am actually more than excited to read the answers "winks"

Lots of love,

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