January 23, 2016

#TMLSchat FAQ ♡

Hello my lovely & mysterious Ladies..

I wanted to create a full FAQ for all the information that you would like to know about my new #TMLSchat that will launch on the 4th of February! 

What's #TMLSchat all about?

It is a supportive community "chat" where all my mysterious ladies will join to know, share and meet new people with same interests which is "blogging/youtube" and to be all in this amazing family which is "TMLS" so join this chat on the 4th of February "Thursday" if you want to meet new people and become friends with!

Where is the #TMLSchat taking place? 

It will only take place in Twitter!

which day/time is the #TMLSchat taking place

Every Thursday starting from the 4th of February at 5 pm Uk time "8 pm here,UAE"
Can anyone join?

Yes! definitely anyone can join!

Do I have to be a girl?

Its more specific for Ladies "The Mysterious Ladies" but I guess thats okay for a guy to host/join if he is that interested in it! #equalrights XP

Do I have to be a blogger?

Preferable yes, but you can be youtuber too if not a blogger!

Is it a monthly or a weekly chat? 

It would be a weekly chat "every Thursday" 

How can I host?

just send me an email: shaimasalem11@gmail.com and tell me that you want to host a #TMLSchat and thats all what you have to do XD P.S let the subject be #TMLSchat hosting.

Will there be events this year 2k16?

Hopefully yes! I will try my best to make events this year just for our lovely family "The mysterious Ladies out there" but still not sure if Im doing it in any other country rather than the United Arab Emirates "for now"
I might visit Spain and Italy this year so "maybe" I will have a small meet and greet thing "even if it had to be in a local coffee shop or a park" and don't forget the goodie bags with it "winks"  just for you my second Family XD

Are you the only one who is holding this chat?

For now, Yes! Im the only one who is responsible for the entire chat but hopefully when it grows bigger "hopefully one day" then I might need help from one or two bloggers or youtubers to help me with it! But for now I am so happy with having it all myself.

Is the topics going to be the same each week?

Definitely not! I will be organising the topics "actually the next host will decide what topic she/he wants and I will make sure that no one has done it before so yea! 

Are there any rules?

Not really, But you have to be nice to everyone and thats it all!
so yea thats all the questions that I thought of answering and might help you understand what is #TMLSchat all about and how to enter! so hurry up and pick a date to show the mysterious ladies who you are and what you can do XD
Lots of love,

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