June 10, 2015


Hellooo guys, I know how bad I have been in the past 2 days with posting, but to be honest, exams are going to start next week and I'm getting my anxiety attacks usually everyday so I just wanted to relax and forget about all whats happening around me, and from now till the end of my exams I will be posting more frequently as its the only anything that keeps my mind away from studying and being nervous. Without farther or do lets get started with this fun post.

First, I really want to thank Sophienderella for nominating me for the Liebster award! I just want to thank you for your amazing talents and supports.... So I hope you could go and check her blog out xx http://sophienderella.blogspot.co.at/

If you aren't familiar with what the Liebster Blog Award Tag is, here are the rules:

- Acknowledge and the link the blog who nominated you
- Look for an award image you like and post it on your blog
- Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked from the person who nominated you
- Nominate other blogs
- Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
- Give them 11 new questions to answer

So here are the answers to the questions I was asked.

1.  If you could play any character in any film/series, which one would it be?
 I would love to be Mae Whiteman in *The Duff* movie :D 

2.  What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
Got killed by my Math Teacher :/

3.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Definitely Turkey, The love of my life XD

4.  Favorite place to go shopping?
I have a lot of places where I go shopping for. But mostly H&M, Zara, Sephora, Bath and Body Work, Nike, New Look, Aldo, Mango, Oxygen, Lush, Victoria Secret etc..

5.  What is your biggest fear?
Losing the people I love the most in my life.

6.  Do you have a song that makes you really emotional?
Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth- See You Again :/

7.  What is your favorite book?
Haven't read any favorite book so far, But if u have a book which u recommend me and others to read it, just leave a comment down below with its name!

8.  Do you have a favorite inspirational quote or motto?

9.  What languages do you speak and which ones would you like to learn?
I speak Arabic, English and a bit of Turkish and French! I would love to learn more Turkish words and Phrases! *so interesting right* *winks*

10. Favorite flower?


11. If your life was made into a movie, which actress would portrait you?

Anne Hathaway


1) What is your favorite movie?
2) What is your favorite place you have visited?
3) What do you do when you have free time?
4) What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
5) What is your favorite food?
6) What’s your dream job? Why?
7) What’s your Favorite Color?
8) What’s your favorite holiday? Why?
9) In what categories of bloggers do you consider yourself in? example, Lifestyle? Fashion? Beauty? etc.
10) favorite shops? 
11) Have you ever met anyone famous?

I nominate the following:

Finally, please link me out your blog post if you do fill this out XD



  1. Thank you for answering the questions, I really enjoyed reading it, love!
    xx, Sophienderella

    1. Aww thanks for nominating me again xx XD and thanks for reading it...

  2. I can't listen to See You Again without starting crying, makes me so sad :(